Hello! Do I have to create an account just to so I could see posts and send a message to the forum? If yes, how can I create one?

Hi! Thank you so much for sending us a message. You can create an account if you want to leave your comments on our posts and updates here. However, it is not required if you only want to see the contents we share and posts on the forum. Without an account, however, you cannot interact with other visitors who come to this website. Your access is much more limited to just viewing the content.

Where can I see the posts about new items?

Hello! If you want to read about the latest fashion items available in the market, go to the tab ‘items’ and choose between the latest trends or most wanted items. There you would immediately see the list.

How do I know where to get the items you post and how much they cost?

Hi! Thank you for sending us your question. You can see the new items along with its price and stores on the tab ‘items’. We always put how much the items cost and where to get them. If it’s available online, you may also see the link on where you can access them.

Can I buy items from this website? If yes, how?

Hello! Thank you for sending us your question. We are sorry to say that we do not sell any items from this website but we do post here links to the shops if ever the items we post are available in online stores. If you are interested to buy them, please refer to the link we put below the item’s description and price. It will lead you to a legit online seller or to the official online seller of the items. If there isn’t one, the item is probably not available online.