Tutu Unpacking and Care

Caring for Your Tutu

Glam Runner tutus are made from soft and delicate tulle. Tulle is a fun and light material that gives your tutu fluff and shape without a lot of weight. With proper care you can wear your tutu over and over again, and can even wash it if it becomes dirty.

Unpacking Information

If you received your tutu in the mail there is a good chance that it was flattened during shipping. To bring the fluff back to your tutu hold the tutu by the waistband and wave it up and down, back and forth. You can then either lay the tutu on its side, or place it around the back of a chair.

Cleaning Information

Glam Runner tutus are NOT machine washable, but can be easily cleaned with gentle hand washing. To wash your tutu run it directly under cold water fully saturating the material. Do not bunch up or matte the tulle together while you wash it. After you are done rinsing the tutu, shake the excess water out and hang the tutu to dry.

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